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Junior Club Tournament

Welcome to our Junior Club Tournament, held the last Sunday of every month (under 18's). The March Madness commenced today with 20 participants. All games were played in high spirits and we saw many upset victories. Congratulations to the prize winners!

Full results can be viewed here

1st Anuj Dani - $100 + Trophy + 37 rating point increase!

2nd Terrence Tang - $75 + Trophy

=3rd Dev Rana - $25 + Trophy

Rating Group A (QJRL 800-650)

1st Oliver Ha 2nd Raiden Chiu

3rd Jayden Lam

Rating Group B (QJRL 649-500)

1st Aadiv Dhringa

2nd Elvis Wu

3rd Alexander Ha


1st Esmond Yu

2nd Liam Pipia

3rd Henry Platz

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