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Topchess Junior Tournament (2019, Term 2)

The Topchess Junior Tournament (2019, Term 2) was held Sunday May 26 with a solid turnout of 35 participants! This was the perfect competition for new students looking to start playing competitive chess. It was a great chance to try and earn their first chess rating! It was a very close event played in high spirits. Our next event will be the Winter Chess Camp and we hope to see you there!

Congratulations to all of the prize winners:

1st Open - Vineth Samaraweera (6/7points)

2nd Open - Uriah Heterick (5.5/7 points)

3rd Open - Jake Chen (5/7 points)

1st Division A - Krish Sudharsanan (5/7 points)

2nd Division A - Elio Hu (5/7 points)

3rd Division A - Edward Turner (5/7 points)

1st Division B - Luke Zorn (5/7 points)

2nd Division B - Rafi Sarta (5/7 points)

3rd Division B - Joseph Qiu (4/7 points)

1st Division C - Josh Smith (3.5/7 points)

2nd Division C - Damian D'Arbe (3.5/7 points)

3rd Division C - Aadiv Dhingra (3/7 points)

Merit Awards for students that scored 3 points or higher.

Performance Awards for students that scored 1 to 2.5 points.




Prize Ceremony


1st Place Perpetual Trophy

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