Frequently Asked Questions:

Where are classes held?

The Library or classroom.

When are classes?

Before, lunchtime or after-school.

How long do classes go for?

One hour before or after school or the length of lunchtime. Generally the program goes for 9 weeks.

How are classes structured?

Into three segments:

1) Social play – teacher observation and assistance with errors.

2) General display board lesson – rules, strategic goals, tactics etc.

3) Practical application – rated tournament games.

Which year levels can attend?

Chess lessons cater to all ages and abilities (Prep to Year 6).

What if there is too much disparity between levels?

We divide the class into groups according to skill level and maturity (beginner, intermediate & advanced). Multiple coaches are assigned to large classes.

How much do classes cost?

$12.50 per week, each student (price subject to change - T&C apply).

Do we require payment upfront?

Yes, payment is expected within 3 weeks of commencement and failure to pay within this time will incur a 20% late penalty fee.

Do coaches have a blue card?

Yes, Topchess is committed to providing safe and supportive learning enviornments.