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2021 Rapid Championship Fundraiser

Thank you to everyone for the incredible support given, we are very grateful to have raised $3,295. Donations are closed. 34 participants all really enjoyed playing chess in loving memory of Mr Nakauchi, who will be missed dearly. It was awesome seeing the old faces and our national junior champions coming together to compete in high spirits.

A special congratulations to Tom Maguire who came equal first and donated his $300 prize money. Also Mars Qi and Gene Nakauchi who finished equal first with a score of 7/8. Lachlan Wang won a higher prize of $300 from the triple treat. Best Junior Prize was a 4 way tie ($25 each) Calen Tang, Harvey Zhu, Terrance Tang & Oliver Strong (score 5/8). Kenji Nakauchi undefeated against the Stahnke family.

Once again you are all amazing and there is a bright future for all of Queensland Chess.

More pictures can be seen under gallery!

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