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2018 QLD Junior Problem Solving & Blitz championship

The 2018 QLD Junior Problem Solving & Blitz Championship was hosted by Topchess on Sunday December 16. This was a Queensland Chess Association endorsed title event held at St Luke's hall, Ekibin. There were 21 students participating in the Problem Solving and 27 competed in the Blitz event! It was a fun day well spent engulfed in the love of chess...congratulations to all of the newly crowned Champions:

Problem Solving

U18 Open - Renjith Sravan

U16 Open - Jayden Ooi

U14 Open - Filip Simic

U12 Open - Masaki Williams

U10 Open - Micah Lo

U8 Open - Michael Dullaway

U18 Girls - Yuehn Xu

U16 Girls - Erin Dullaway

U14 Girls - Aurora Lannon

U12 Girls - Alexandra Lannon

U10 Girls - Isabella Xia


U18 Open - Henry Slater-Jones

U16 Open - Renjith Sravan

U14 Open - Jayden Ooi

U12 Open - Alexavier Ly-Liu

U10 Open - Austin Chen

U8 Open - Kevin Tan

U18 Girls - Yuehn Xu

U16 Girls - Aurora Lannon

U14 Girls - Alexandra Lannon

U12 Girls - Erin Dullaway



QLD junior ratings

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