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2020 Xmas Swiss Weekender

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

A special congratulations to the tournament Dark Horse Byron Morris with a terrific performance and becoming the Topchess Open Champion for 2020! Grandmaster Moulthun Ly was our previous winner in 2019. Thank you to everyone who made this event possible during the difficult covid era. Open Prize Winners:

1st $1000 - Byron Morris 5.5/6

=2nd $250 each Dusan Stojic, Gene Nakauchi & Benjamin Leong 5/6

Rating Group A - 1st $200 - Qi Zhe 4.5/6

Rating Group B & C - =1st $108.50 each Jared Mares, Alvin Shen & Tung Duc Nguyen (Jared & Tung Duc eligible for a higher prize) 3.5/6

Challengers Prize Winners:

=1st $225 each Martin Post & Ryan Liaw 5.5/6

3rd $75 Aiden Brady 4/6

Rating Group A - =1st Luka Hart, Dev Rana & Charlie Macuga $25 each 3.5/6

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